The Greatest Show on Earth


Prices - 2015 Productions


Vocal Score (New edition 2015)
(containing all music and dialogue)




Chorus Part




Dialogue Kit 
(enough copies of each section of dialogue for all characters -

one kit should be enough for your production)




Hire of Band Parts
Flute; Clarinet in Bb & A; Tenor Saxophone; Trumpet in Bb 1;

Trumpet in Bb 2; Trombone; Rhythm Guitar; Bass Guitar; Drums.
(The hire fee for Band Parts covers any length of hire period within

the year of the production.)




Royalty (schools and colleges)
per performance or 10% gross box office, whichever is the greater.


For productions other than in educational establishments, please enquire.


Please note that sales of chorus parts, dialogue kit and hire of band parts 

may only go ahead after permission has been given for a production.

Click this button if shipping within UK

and if you wish to pay online.

To buy a vocal score:

Outside UK - or if you wish to raise a purchase order - please get in touch


Prices 2017:



Vocal Score (containing all music and dialogue)                                                                   £12.50



Chorus Part                                                                                                                        £1.95



Dialogue Kit        (off-prints of each section of dialogue – one for                                            £7.50

                               each character in each scene plus two spares)



Band Parts  Flute; Clarinet in Bb and A; Tenor Saxophone;                            Hire only    £48.00

                       Trumpet 1 in Bb; Trumpet 2 in Bb; Trombone;                for a period up to four months                                Rhythm Guitar; Bass Guitar; Drums



Royalty        £52.00 per performance or 10% gross box-office, whichever is the greater.



Duration      Two Acts of about 45 minutes each.